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Tiny Alien Stickers give you a great new way to message using our rainbow of cute (or angry, or nuts!) animated and emotive little aliens and your built-in drawing pad.

There are six Tiny Aliens for you to choose from, each with its own colour and expression. Every Tiny Alien sticker has a choice of five animations to add emotion and action to your scene, so you’ll have the ideal character for your personalised message.

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You create your own line drawing (an Apple pencil works perfectly but a finger is fine!) and send, then place and scale your emotive Tiny Alien stickers to build your scene - the aliens are not only animated and vibrant in colour, they're also translucent so you can see your picture through them, giving your message a cohesive 3D look and feel. If you use more than one alien you can scale them different sizes to create even more depth to your scene!

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If you are feeling really creative, you can even add one of the adaptable cut-out shape masks to integrate your alien even further into your scene/message, allowing endless possibilities for your imagination. We have even included some example drawings within the pack to start you off!

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No time to draw a scene but still want to send an innovative, fun message? No problem - each Tiny Alien also works on its own as a bright, animated ‘super-emoji’, perhaps with one of the simple matching one-word greetings. So, if you have an exciting invitation, a hilarious joke or brilliant comment to send to your friends, say it with Tiny Aliens!

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Take a look at our gallery of fun Tiny Alien Sticker ideas. We are always looking to add more, so why not take a screenshot of your alien message and submit it for us to feature!

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